Young Woman Stops Apparent Racist Attack On People Speaking Spanish

A woman who allegedly harassed two people for speaking Spanish in a grocery store was confronted by a second woman in Rifle, Colorado, on Oct. 1.

Kamira Trent  told Buzzfeed News that she overheard Linda Dwire accost Fabiola Velasquez and Isabel Marin:

You’re in America. You’re in my country. You can’t speak Spanish here. You need to speak English if you’re going to be in America.

She just got angrier and angrier. I was trying to get her away from the two women, but she wasn’t going to leave them alone. What she said and the way she said it was wrong.

In response, Trent shouted: “I’m calling the cops. You leave these women alone! Get out!”

Dwire replied: “You come from a generation that’s destroying this country.”

Trent fired back: “No I do not. I have respect. You do not harass people.”

Dwire then parroted President Tump: “You will lose your country. You know what, you will lose this country.”

Trent yelled: “You do not harass Hispanic women!”

Trent called police, and Dwire was arrested, taken to Garfield County Jail, and charged with two counts of bias-motivated harassment, notes Buzzfeed News.

Dwire told the officer she was exercising her right to freedom of speech and that she found it offensive the two women were speaking Spanish because they “didn’t have the respect to speak English.”

(Sources: Buzzfeed News, Faby VelSa/Facebook)

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