WWII Veteran Dies In Nursing Home While Nurses Laugh

Video has surfaced of a nursing home staff  laughing at a dying senior citizen at the Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation in 2014.

The Atlanta nursing home fought all the way to the Georgia State Supreme Court to keep the video from being seen by the public, but a judge ruled in favor of WXIA and released the shocking video.

The video shows 89-year-old James Dempsey calling for help from his bed six times before falling unconscious and gasping for air. 

According state records, the nursing home staff found Dempsey at unresponsive at 5:28 am, but did not call 911 until 6:25a.m.

When the staff had problems with Dempsey’s oxygen machine, former nursing supervisor Wanda Nuckles and others laughed, notes WXIA.

In a deposition, Nuckles was asked if there was something funny at the time, and she echoed the Jeff Sessions defense: “I can’t even remember all that as you can see.”

Nuckles claimed in her deposition that she took over doing CPR from another staff member when she immediately entered the room, which was not true.

Sava Senior Care, which operates the nursing home, refused to be interviewed,  but said in a statement that they were “saddened by the events, which occurred more than three years ago.”

The nursing facility was aware of the video in November 2015, but reportedly did not fire the nurses for 10 months.

Georgia Board of Nursing board president Janice Izlar told WXIA that she could not confirm when the state knew about the video, but Nuckles and another nurse in the video surrendered their licenses in September 2017 shortly after WXIA sent the video to Izlar and other board staff.

According to Izlar, it takes the nursing board an average of 427 days to fully investigate a nursing complaint, which is far longer than the original investigation into the Kennedy Assassination, which lasted about nine months.

The nursing facility recently received a good inspection in May 2017, but still has a one-star rating from Medicare.

(Source: WXIA)

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