‘World’s Oldest Person’ Wishes She Was Dead As She Turns 129

Koku Istambulova, purported to be the world’s oldest person, recently celebrated her 129 birthday, but wishes she was dead because she has had a miserable life.

The Russian woman says it is a “punishment” from God that she has lived so long, notes the Mirror Online:

I see other people eating healthy and doing fitness routines, I have no idea why I have lived so long. It was God’s will. I did nothing to make it happen. 

I have not had a single happy day in my life. I have always worked hard, digging in the garden. I am tired. Long life is not at all God’s gift for me, but a punishment.

Istambulova lives with her relatives in the village of Bratskoye in the Russian Chechen Republic.

Istambulova has six grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren.

The Russian government says Istambulova’s passport states her date of birth as June 1, 1889, which means she was alive during the ruling days of the czar before the Russian Revolution in 1917.

(Source: Mirror Online)

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