World’s Oldest Man Was Born In 1896, 121 Years Old

Celino Villaneuva Jaramillo is very likely the world’s oldest man.  He lost his birth certificate in a fire 20 years ago, but the birth date on his Chilean ID card is 1896, making him 121 years old.

Jaramillo was born four years before the current Guinness Records-listed oldest person, Nabi Tajima, but has not officially been given the title, notes The Guardian.

Jaramillo was born in Río Bueno, Chile, in the same year that Utah became the 45th U.S. state, Queen Victoria became England’s longest-reigning monarch and the first modern Olympics occurred.

In 2011, Chilean President Sebastian Pinera personally flew down to Valdivia, Chile, and gave Jaramillo with a certificate verifying the government’s recognition of his age.

Pinera didn’t offer Jaramillo any medical care even though Jaramillo is almost 90% blind because of cataracts, 85% deaf and toothless. 

(Source: The Guardian)

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