Women Shocked to Find Their Names on Grave Markers for Aborted Fetuses

Women in Rome, Italy, are discovering their names on grave markers of aborted fetuses buried without their knowledge or permission by anti-abortion groups.

A woman named Francesca, who had an abortion in Sept. 2019 (after learning her fetus would not survive due to a fatal malformation), described her shock to the CBC:

Nobody told me the fetus would be buried, nobody asked me if I wanted a burial and nobody got my permission to put my name on a cross. I can’t tell you what a horrendous feeling it is to find a cross with your name on it.

Cathy La Torre — a lawyer representing women who didn’t request these burials — says hospitals make agreements with ultra-conservative Catholic groups to bury fetal remains:

Volunteers from these groups show up with a bag and cover the costs to have the abortion material buried. Then women find their names on a little cross.

One of the groups,  Difendere la Vita con Maria (Protect Life with Mary), says on its website that it is “burying fetuses regardless of whether a family has requested it” and is placing crosses on them. 

(Source: CBC, Photo Credit: Differenza Donna Association)

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