Woman With Toddler Joins Wild Fight In Florida Mall, Abandons Kid To Brawl

A woman pushing a toddler in a stroller joined a wild fight inside a mall in Fort Meyers, Florida, on Dec. 17.

A group of Christmas shoppers were filmed punching and kicking each other, when the woman with the stroller kicked another woman in the head, notes WFTX.

The woman then abandoned the child in the stroller to join the brawl.

The incident was filmed near a Victoria’s Secret store by shopper David Milburn who wrote on Facebook:

These people were wildin out at the Edison Mall in Fort Myers dudes hitting girls girls hitting dudes babies getting hit that was crazy only in Fort Myers… #Christmasshoppingexcitement.

Police officers interviewed the alleged victims who claimed the fight started over a double murder that happened on Dec. 15.

The Florida Department of Children and Families is investigating the woman with the stroller.

(Sources: David Milburn /Facebook via YouTube, WFTX)

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