Woman, Who Asked for Tampon In Jail, Was Beaten By Deputy, She Files Lawsuit

Audra West was arrested at a bar in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in 2014 for allegedly being  “very intoxicated” and “belligerent.”

West was charged with disorderly intoxication, trespassing, and resisting arrest, notes the Miami New Times.

West was taken to the Pompano Beach jail where she started her menstrual cycle. West was denied a tampon by Deputy Kristen Connelly.

West cursed Connelly under her breath, which is when Connelly attacked West, which was caught in the jail surveillance video.

Connelly and another deputy reportedly took West into a strip search room, which did not have a surveillance camera.

West claimed that five Broward deputies “struck, hit, and pummeled” her until her face and body were bruised; the incident made the news in 2015 (video above).

West has now filed a lawsuit against Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel and five deputies for battery, excessive force, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

The Broward County Sheriff’s Officee made national news for their botched response to the Parkland school shooting in February.

Israel, Connelly, correctional officers Henry Lawrence, Mark Sanders, Joyce Johnson, and Dorothy Jenkins have not responded to the lawsuit, reports the Miami New Times.

West filed a complaint with the Broward County Sheriff’s Office internal affairs division after being released.

Her lawsuit claims that the deputies didn’t complete a use-of-force report until after the Broward County Sheriff’s Office internal affairs division began an investigation.

The Broward County Sheriff’s Office cleared its own officers, but the State Attorney’s Office charged Connelly with battering West in 2015.

Connelly was found guilty at a trial in 2017, but reportedly did not do any jail time and does not work for Broward Sheriff’s Office anymore. 

(Sources: Miami New Times, RT.com via YouTube)

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