Woman Takes Down Her Confederate Flag After Heart Attack, Still Supports The Confederacy

Annie Caddell finally took down her Confederate flag is her mostly black community in Summerville, South Carolina, after seven years because she had a heart attack.

Caddell told The Post and Courier that she still plans to honor her ancestors who fought for the slavery of black people in the Civil War:

There comes a time and a place where things need to be set aside for the betterment of others. I can still honor my relatives that died in the Civil War without flying the flag.

Caddell claimed her recent heart attack and triple bypass surgery started her “reflecting on every choice that I’ve made.”

For seven years, Caddell fought her black neighbors to keep her Confederate flag up, which she falsely claimed did not represent racism. 


Caddell promised she would die before removing her Confederate flag, but broke has broken that promise:


After seven long years of battling my community over my Confederate flag, I made the decision that I would like to have unity in my community.

I made up my mind that I don’t have to hurt anybody because of a decision I made without much thought. I never considered how offended they truly were. I didn’t care. Well, I finally had an eye-opening experience. It’s not about what I feel.

The pro-slavery flag was given to gave to Summerville-Dorchester Museum past president Ken Battle, who is going to give it to the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

(Sources: The Post and Courier, ThePostandCourier/YouTube)

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