Woman Says Mexicans ‘Think They Own America’ After She’s Asked To Pick Up After Her Dog By Hispanic Man

Jardiel Ochoa asked a woman to pick up after her dog defecated on his property in North Hollywood, California, on March 8. In response, she said Mexicans “think they own America” and said they were being sent back.

Ochoa posted a video of the incident on Facebook with a caption: “Trump effect in full effect cause I asked her to pick up after her dog.”

On the video, Ochoa asked the woman: “You want me to go back to Mexico?” notes KCBS.

The woman replied, “I sure do,” and said she was tried of Ochoa’s “bossy attitudes.”

Ochoa replied: “Well this is my property, and I’m in charge.”

She told  Ochoa, who is Mexican-American, that it wasn’t his property and Mexicans “think they own America.”

The woman kept repeating: “But we’re sending ’em back,” an apparent reference to the many ICE deportations under President Donald Trump,

Ochoa recalled the incident to KCBS:

It just feels weird because you never think it’s going to happen to you. I think she should learn from it. We live in Los Angeles so you know there’s no reason to be racist,” said Ochoa.

(Sources: Jardiel Ochoa/Facebook, KCBS)

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