Woman Refuses to Wear Mask in Grocery Store, Hits Worker

An unidentified woman was caught on camera slapping a grocery store employee in the face at the King Soopers grocery store in Parker, Colorado, on Feb 3, reports KCNC (MORE VIDEO BELOW).

The grocery store worker told police the woman is “a regular at the store” and had been repeatedly told to wear a mask, but refused, notes KDVR.

The grocery store employee said the woman claimed to have a medical exemption, but it’s not clear what her supposed medical issue was.

The grocery store employee reportedly offered to buy the woman the groceries, but the woman refused, hit the employee, fled, and has not been back.

KUSA posted raw video of the incident on YouTube.

(Sources: KDVR, KCNC/YouTube, KUSA/YouTube)

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