Woman — Not Wearing Mask — Accuses Hispanic City Employee of ‘Stealing’ Public Park in San Francisco

An unidentified woman, who was not wearing a mask, went on a racist rant against a Hispanic city employee, Andres Patino, on Aug. 16 in San Francisco, California.

The woman was taking down signs and a rope (with scissors) that restricted people from an area of Dolores Park, which was part of a city campaign, LoveDelores.

The woman falsely claimed the signs and rope were “unlawful,” called Patino “dumb sheep,” and said to “go to the hospital and tell them to kill you on a ventilator like they’re doing to thousands of others.”

The woman continued her rant (until a park ranger told her to leave):

We paid for this park. You don’t get to take our property. We paid for it… Go back to wherever the hell you came from. Stop trying to steal the property we paid for. Go back to wherever you came from.

(Source: Mission Local)

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