Woman Melts Down After Being Asked to Wear Mask in Shell Station

An unidentified white woman had a racist meltdown after a Latina cashier, Jassel Aguirre, asked to her to wear a face mask — to prevent spreading COVID-19 — inside a Shell station in Arcata, California on May 31:

Do you know what freedom is? Are you from America? Are you an American or are you an illegal immigrant? Because you look like one. You also look like a Nazi, too.

You’re trying to enforce supreme order over people and their natural rights to be free, Hitler. You’re nervous because you have no brains and don’t know what to say. That’s your defense mechanism is to laugh. You’re a fool. You’re fat and ugly and have a lame-ass job. F*ck you.

Aguirre recalled the bizarre incident to Lost Coast Outpost:

She asked to use the restroom, and even though she was not a customer, I allowed it. Exiting the restroom, while still in the store, I again asked if she could please make sure her face was covered while inside because she was no longer doing so, and this was the result.

(Source: Lost Coast Outpost)

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