Woman Loses Her Job After Her Racist Rant Is Filmed

A white woman was filmed giving the finger and using the N-word to some black people on the I-80 freeway near Oakland, California, on July 9 (raw video below).

Marshaunte Farris, who filmed the woman’s racist road rage, recalled the incident to KRON:

It actually made me upset. If anyone has seen the video, I was kind of shocked that she went along and said that.

I was coming from Vallejo. I have what is called Crohn’s disease and I have to go get infusions there still. It has to be every two weeks certain times and certain dates.

We were coming back from that and as we were leaving Richmond to go through Emeryville to get back to Oakland, she just started tripping.

Farris said her boyfriend Shamiek Sheppard was driving their car. 

Sheppard said they were in the carpool lane when it happened:

I switched lanes. Then I see her speed up in the rear view mirror. Then I see her swerve into the next lane and I wasn’t thinking nothing of it and then she came and cut me off kind of aggressively. She is slamming on her breaks. You know that can cause an accident or something.

[The woman started hitting her breaks] and I was like wow “what are you doing this is crazy.” I tried to switch the lane trying to get away from her and she swerved the lane and cut me off again.

I switched back into the other lane and now we are on the side of each other and she started screaming at me out the side of her window, you feel me, racial slurs and stuff like that and now I am just like “wow you really doing this on the freeway right now.”

KRON learned the racist woman was an employee at a major investment bank and financial services company, which said the woman has been fired:

The behavior reflected in the video is completely inconsistent with our values and the individual involved is no longer employed by the firm.

Farris originally tweeted the video of the woman with a caption:

(Source: KRON, OGtay/Twitter)

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