Woman Killed While Filming Fake Kidnapping TikTok Video, Accidentally Shot in The Head

A 20-year-old Mexican woman, Areline Martinez, was accidentally shot and killed in a tragic accident while filming a fake kidnapping TikTok video in Chihuahua, Mexico on Oct. 2.

The video above and below shows what happen right before the mother of a one-year-old child was killed.

Martinez, who had previously filmed other phony abductions, was playing the part of a victim when a loaded 45-caliber handgun held near her head by a “kidnapper” accidentally fired and killed her instantly, reports the New York Post.

Two men, playing her captors, fled in a Jeep Cherokee following the accident. Police identified the men, but have yet to track them down.

Friends and relatives have created a Facebook page with scantily-clad pictures in her memory.

(Sources: New York Post, Remembering Areline Martinez)

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