Woman Kicked Out Of Starbucks For Ranting About Korean Students Speaking ‘Oriental’

An unidentified woman was told to leave a Starbucks in Walnut Creek, California, earlier this week after she told two Korean students to stop speaking “Oriental.”

Sean Lee, who was tutoring a Korean exchange college student named Annie, recalled the incident to KRON:

Out of nowhere, we didn’t provoke her. We were just minding our own business. This lady just suddenly says, “Don’t you dare say that again.”

Annie pulled out her cell phone and began filming as two Starbucks baristas came to her defense.

The Starbucks employees told the woman to leave, but she refused to do so, so they called the police.

Lee, who posted Annie’s video on Facebook, added:

This was actually my very first time interacting with someone like this, and that’s why I was even more surprised. I mean, I see videos like this online, you know, I see it on the news, but it’s not something I would ever imagine happening to me or anyone I know.

(Sources: KRON, Sean H. Lee/Facebook)

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