Woman is Amazed Her Bible Survives Fire After Her Dogs Die In Blaze

A family in North Augusta, South Carolina, recently saw their home and two dogs destroyed by a fire, but homeowner Wendy Crawley is amazed that her leather-bound Bible was not burned.


Crawley preached out of the Bible to WJBF while sitting in the charred remains of her home: 

I will never leave you or forsake you, and he hasn’t left us.

Crawley said the fire happened when she was on her way home; the cause of the fire has not yet been determined.

She was dumbfounded how her Bible could have possibly survived when her two dogs died from smoke inhalation:

Laying on my night stand, is where I kept it. It was the only thing I found that we really needed.

Crawley recalled her two dogs who were not spared from the fire as her Bible was: 

One we’ve had one for 15 years and the other one was our son’s service dog. She was always there for him. If he couldn’t figure out how to calm down, she would come and she would sit, and she would just lay on him and love on him.


Crawley insisted that God didn’t start the fire:

God didn’t start that fire, but he has certainly brought you through it.

Crawley insisted that the survival of her Bible was some sort of miracle:  

Do you want to know something crazy? When we came over here, not an ash on that bed. Now the cabinet beside it, is messed up, but not an ash on his bed.


(Source: WJBF)

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