Woman In Hospital Gown Left On Baltimore Street In Freezing Cold

An unidentified female patient wearing only a hospital gown was filmed walking the streets of Baltimore on Jan. 9.

Imamu Baraka, a mental health counselor, posted a video of the woman with a caption on Facebook:

I just witnessed this with my own eyes. I had no choice but to give this young lady a voice in this moment. University of Maryland Medical Center Midtown Campus (UMMC) as a Doctor of Healthcare Administration (DHA) student also — may I remind you of the importance of the VISION of your MEDICAL CENTER: “UMMC will be known for providing high value and compassionate care, improving health in Maryland and beyond, educating future health care leaders and discovering innovative ways to advance medicine worldwide.” You can do better. You must do better.

The University of Maryland Medical System expressed ““shock and disappointment”, apologized for its failure to discharge the woman from the emergency room, and said is investigating the incident, notes The Baltimore Sun.




(Sources: Imamu Baraka/FacebookThe Baltimore Sun)

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