Woman Fired For Flipping Off Trump: ‘It Felt Great!’

Juli Briskman, the Virginia woman who became famous overnight for giving the finger to President Donald Trump’s motorcade, has no regrets even though it cost her a job.

During an appearance on “Megyn Kelly Today,” Briskman recalled the beautiful moment:

All my frustration about this administration just welled up inside me and I started thinking about the things that I think are going wrong right now in the country. That was the only way I had to give him the message I wanted to give him. It felt great. It was like I got to tell him how I really feel.

Briskman was fired by the construction management company Akima LLC, which didn’t have the courage to be interviewed by Kelly. 

Akima posted a statement on its website defending its off-hours North Korea-like policing of its employees:

Akima expects its employees, officers and directors to exercise good judgment and maintain high ethical standards in all activities which affect Akima. Every Akima employee is held to these standards.

Briskman noted that Akima did not fire a male employee who failed to “maintain high ethical standards” when he called someone a “f*cking libtard as*hole” on Facebook:

I really wasn’t gonna talk about this until I remembered the fellow that I actually flagged to the company that he had written very obscene things in someone else’s conversation on Facebook. He did not get fired. He was allowed to clean up his Facebook page. They clearly treated me differently. It was not equal application of their social media policy.

Briskman hopes to work for an advocacy group that she believes in, such as Planned Parenthood.

(Source: NBC-TV via YouTube)

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