Woman Escapes Handcuffs, Steals Police Car

Police in Lufkin, Texas, released a video of a woman wiggling out of handcuffs and stealing a police car on Sept. 2.

According to KWES, police body cam video shows Toscha Sponsler being arrested by police for allegedly shoplifting.

The police place Sponsler in the back of a police car where she takes off her seatbelt, and slips out of her handcuffs. She then crawls into the front of the police car and drives off.

The police try to chase after Sponsler on foot, but she gets away.

Dashcam video from inside the police car shows Sponsler driving on the wrong side of the road and through the grass.

About 20 minutes after the chase began, Sponsler lost control of the vehicle, before coming to a stop on the side of the road.

Sponsler was caught and charged with escape causing serious bodily injury, aggravated assault against a public servant, evading arrest with a vehicle, unauthorized use of a vehicle and possession of a controlled substance.

(Source: KWES)

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