Woman Calls 911 After Being Denied Entry Into Pet Store Because She Refuses to Wear Mask

A woman called 911 after she was denied entry into the Bones-N-Scones pet store in Palm Springs, California on Oct. 4.

The woman refused to wear a safety mask by claiming she had a “religious exemption right and God-given right” under the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which never mentions any rights to violate public health orders during a pandemic, reports the New York Post.

An employee of the pet store, Aidan Bearpaw, filmed the bizarre incident and posted it to Facebook with a description: “I’ve never had to deal with a karen calling 911 on me before all because I asked her to please wear a mask in the store.”

The woman tried to justify her absurd behavior to Bearpaw: “I’ll have a panic attack, I will freak out, I will have an anxiety attack.”

(Sources: New York Post, Aidan Bearpaw via YouTube)

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