Woman Armed With Machete Threatens Kardashians At Their Store

An unidentified woman armed with a large machete threatened the Kardashian family outside their DASH store in Los Angeles.

According to police, the woman tried to rob the store earlier in the day with a gun, which may explain why the store doors were locked when she returned with the machete, notes KTTV.

The woman walked up and down the sidewalk outside the store, and shouted:

They’ll be f*cking executed! The Kardashians will be executed of they step on communist territory! They’ll be f*cking killed!

“You wanna f*cking get stabbed?” the woman yelled at a KTTV cameraman.

The woman was referring to Cuba as the “communist territory.”

She jammed the machete in between the doors of the store, and left in a taxi.

(Sources: KTTV/YouTube, KCBS/YouTube)

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