Woman, 22, Kicked Out Of Gym For ‘Revealing’ Top That Was Too ‘Distracting’ For Men

A 22-year-old woman, Marny, says she was kicke out of her gym in Konstanz, Germany, on Jan. 22 because her top was too “revealing” and “distracting.”

Marny tweeted a picture of her “revealing” outfit, which turned out to be a crop top that showed a few inches of skin. 

She told the Evening Standard that a female gym employee came up to her while she was on the treadmill and told her that “she couldn’t train like this.”

Marny was stunned: “I felt like I had been thrown back into the 1800s.”

The female employee told her it was against gym policy for women to work out in only a sports bra, which was “distracting” other gym-goers.

Marny recalled her reaction to the prudish warning:

I was shocked, because it wasn’t a sports bra. And even if it was, why not?

Marny plans to cancel her gym membership.

(Sources: mayreads/Twitter, Evening Standard)

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