Wisconsin Trump Fans Shout ‘Lock Her Up!’ After Bomb Is Mailed To Hillary Clinton

Trump fans shouted the 2016 anti-Hillary Clinton slogan “Lock her up!” while waiting for the president to arrive in Mosinee, Wisconsin.

Clinton was one of several Democrats who received bombs earlier in the day.

While the crowd chanted, Republican Senate candidate Leah Vukmir stood at a podium and laughed.

Earlier in the day on Fox News, Vukmir tried to blame her opponent  Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin and other Democratic women for the bombs sent to Democrats (video below):

I think it’s wrong to blame it on the White House. The people who have been dividing have been the extreme left, and Senator Baldwin has been happy to be a part of that.

We watched this happen in Wisconsin in 2011, and what we are seeing in Washington, this resist movement, this obstruct movement, is exactly what we went through, and people went too far, and there was a backlash, and we here in Wisconsin are seeing it happen all over again, disrupting people while they’re having dinner.

It’s ridiculous, it’s across the line, and people just want us to get the work done. And I put this all on the extreme left. Tammy Baldwin is a part of that.

(Sources: TheBeat w/Ari Melber/Twitter, Fox News via Twitter)

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