Wild Fight at Restaurant After Non-Masked Man Refuses to Wait Outside for His Food

A wild fight broke out at a burger restaurant after an unidentified customer refused to wait outside for his food or wear a mask in Carmichael, California on July 18.

BurgerIM employee/family member Stephen Tran told KXTV that the customer ignored the restaurant rules and shouting out racial slurs:

He just said, “F*ck you and your chinky policy,” threw the little pager on the table and started walking out. He back and started saying, why does he need to get out, and he just called me COVID, told me to get back to China.

So he threw his cup at me. And, mind you, that in the middle of a pandemic, it’s COVID, so we don’t know that he has COVID or not.

Jumping on the counter, it was a reflex. Just that this guy needs to get out of the store as soon as possible, because he was becoming a danger to all of the staff there.

Sacramento County Sheriff’s officials said they do not know what was or was not said, but the customer was issued a no trespass notice for BurgerIM.

(Source: KXTV)

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