Wild Fight At IHOP: Women Throw Punches, Plates, Chairs At Employee

A wild fight broke loose at an IHOP restaurant in Memphis on March 16.

A police report said an IHOP manager, Mohammad Al Hourani, was attacked by female customers after he asked the ladies to “please keep it down,” but the women “started to get louder,” so he asked them “to just leave,” notes The Smoking Gun.

The women reportedly left the restaurant, but “kept coming in and out of the business taunting” Al Hourani, noted the police report. 

An unidentified witness filmed the women throwing  punches, chairs, and plates at the manager who responded by body slamming one of the gals and throwing a chair back at the other ladies.

Al Hourani, who was bleeding profusely from his injuries, told police that “one of the reasons why the suspects got so upset was because he kept calling them ‘sirs’ even though the suspects were dressed like ladies.” 

(Source: The Smoking Gun)

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