Whoopi Goldberg Says Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro Cursed At Everyone On ‘The View’ Off-Camera

“The View” host Whoopi Goldberg said that Fox News host Jeanine Pirro cursed at everyone and stormed out of the studio while the show was in commercial on June 19:

After the segment, which ended when it was supposed to — it was not early, not late — she called everybody at the table a name I cannot repeat on TV and said it in front of the audience. When I came off stage, I went over there, because I was a little hot, okay?

During an appearance on Sean Hannity’s radio show later in the day on June 19, Pirro claimed that Goldberg cursed and spit on her (audio below).

Goldberg said Pirro stepped offstage, pointed a finger in Goldberg’s face, and claimed to have been a better victim’s advocate, which is when Goldberg said she lost it on the Fox News host:

Then I said to her some few choice words I cannot repeat. Yes, I did say it, I did say it, but I did not spit on her. I did not intimidate her.

No one chased her out of here, saying get out, but she did leave here cursing at the people who booked the show. She cursed at the guys who do the security for the show.

(Sources: ABC-TV via YouTube, The Sean Hannity Show via YouTube)

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