White Woman Tells Arizona Latina That She Will Be ‘Wiped Out’

Am older white woman told a Latina woman that she would be wiped out during a racist encounter at the Wildflower Bread Company restaurant in Phoenix on Nov. 20.

Lennys Bermudez Molina told KPHO that she was charging her electric car outside the restaurant when she went in for some food and work on her laptop.

Bermudez said the restaurant was full so she asked a white woman sitting alone if the seat next to her was free:

I said excuse me, is it OK if I sit here next to you and she said, “well, do I have a choice?,” At first I thought I didn’t hear her right.

Bermudez grabbed her cell phone and began filming the white woman — for Facebook — saying she wanted “the whole freaking nation to be white.”

Bermudez, an American of Puerto Rican decent, told the woman that will not happen, bu the woman insisted “it will. You will be wiped out.”

Bermudez says she’s a proud American of Puerto Rican decent.

Wildflower founder, Louis Basile, said he was “saddened and shocked” by the video:

We really embrace the diversity of not only our workforce but of course our customers If a guest is uncomfortable in one of our restaurants, we’d like them to come to the manager.

Bermudez said she’s touched by all the messages of support she’s received on Facebook:

It’s really disheartening to experience that. I don’t want to let go of the hope I have in people to be right and to do the right thing and that definitely was the wrong thing.

(Sources: KPHO, Lennys Bermudez/Facebook)

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