White Woman Shouts Racial Slurs and Threatens to Call Police as Family Moves into New Home

An unidentified white woman shouted racial slurs and threatened to call the police on a family who were moving into their new home in Michigan on June 27.

One of the family members, Twitter user bailey3jenkins, posted a video of the irate woman who accused them of breaking the law by moving in after dark:

You all are n*ggers makings a scene… N*ggers waking me up at 3:30! I’ve got a phone too. I’m using it to call the cops.

Raw Story reports the white woman, Jessica Evans, defended her racist rant on Facebook:

I called some very white people the n word. And all these crazy racists associated it with black people and call me the bad guy. Well, they must have ran out of meth last night cause they were louder than usual. They were so messed up that they couldn’t find the keys to leave for hours.

It’s just like how all us Right folks think black people are capable of getting and ID and the Left think they aren’t. The left don’t think black people are as smart as whites and they think WE are the racists because we think they are equal to us. Democrats are STILL fighting to keep their slaves.

(Sources: bailey3jenkins/Twitter, Raw Story)

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