White Woman is Filmed as She Falsely Accuses Black Man of Threatening Her Life in New York’s Central Park

UPDATE: The white woman has been identified on social media as “Amy Cooper” and is a vice president at the investment firm Franklin Templeton, which issued a statement on Twitter.

An unidentified white woman falsely accused a black man of threatening her life after he filmed her walking her dog without a leash, a violation in New York City’s Central Park, over the Memorial Day weekend.

The woman told the man not to film her, even though it’s legal to film people on public property.

The woman threatened to call the police:

I’m going to tell them there’s an African-American man threatening my life.

The man calmly replies: “Please tell them whatever you like.”

The woman then calls 9-1-1 and makes her false claim:

There’s a man, an African-American, he’s recording and threatening me and my dog. There is an African-American man in Central Park. He is recording me and threatening myself and my dog. I am being threatened by a man in the bramble! Please send the police immediately!

(Sources: Melody Cooper/Twitter, Franklin Templeton/Twitter)

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