White Woman Confronts Black Woman Over Selling Food Stamps

A cell phone video of a white woman threatening to call the police on a black woman discussing the sale of SNAP/food stamps, has gone viral.

The black woman reportedly offered to sell some food stamp benefits over the phone, which is illegal.

The black woman scolded the white woman: “You do know this is none of your damn business, right?”

The white woman fired back: “Oh, it’s my business. Because I pay my taxes.”

The black woman denied that claim: “Damn, you ain’t paid for these f*cking food stamps.”

The white woman then used President Donald Trump’s campaign promise: “We’re going to build this wall. We’re going to build this wall.”

The black woman replied: “Why the f*ck you in my business?”

The white woman then begins a phone call, possibly to the pollce

(Source: Stephquees/Twitter)

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