White Woman Cites Trump During Racist Tirade Against Hispanic Man

An unidentified white woman cited “the president” while she went on a racist rant against Esteban Guzman in California.

The woman told Guzman that Latinos are “rapists and animals.” 

Guzman originally posted the video to Facebook, but Facebook censored the footage. Fortunately, Twitter is allowing the racist woman to be exposed.

Guzman asked the woman: “Why do you hate us?”

The woman responded: “Because you’re Mexicans.”

Guzman responded: “We’re honest people right here.”

The woman insisted: “You’re rapists, and animals. drug dealers, rapists and animals.”

The woman then cited “the president of the United States.”

Guzman asked the woman: “Do you believe everything he tells you?”

(Source: Esteban Guzman via Twitter)

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