White Woman Calls Police On Black Man Trying To Repair House In Her Neighborhood

An African-American man, Michael Hayes, posted a video on YouTube on May 5 of a white woman calling the police on him because he was inspecting a house to repair in Memphis, Tennessee.

Hayes recalled what happened on YouTube:

So I was inspecting a house that I have under contract, when the next door neighbor decides to come out and harass me.

I show her my investor sign that I place in every yard before I inspect and had all documentation including contract and signed statement from the owner allowing me to enter the house.

She proceeds to call the police on me anyway and asks why I don’t just get out of “her” neighborhood. Here is what happened…

Hayes had an investment contract giving him permission to work on the house, and written permission from the house’s owner to be on the property.

The police arrived, said there was no victim, refused to arrest Hayes and told the woman to allow Hayes to do his work.

In response, the woman told Hayes: “Hurry up, do it, and get out!”

The police told the woman that Hayes didn’t t have to hurry up and could work at his own pace.

(Source: Michael Hayes/YouTube)

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