White Woman Calls Police On Black Couple For Parking Near Crosswalk In Portland

UPDATE: The Portland Mercury posted an update based on anonymous source who claims to be the white woman’s friend:

According to a source close to the woman (who asked to remain anonymous), she was on the phone with Portland Bureau of Transportation’s parking enforcement hotline—not the police.

A white woman called the police on a black couple, Rashsaan Muhammad and Mattie Khan, for parking their car near or on a crosswalk in Portland, Oregon.

Khan filmed the woman calling the cops on the alleged parking violation, and posted the video on Facebook.

Muhammad told the Portland Mercury that he and Khan were waiting for their to-go  order at a hamburger restaurant when the woman started  looking at their parked car.

She looked odd, but it didn’t alarm us. I tried to start a conversation, I asked her who she was calling and what was going on. It was clear she was talking to the police.

That’s when Khan began filming the woman who said: “You can’t block the crosswalk. Look at this. You are!”

Muhammad said he knew the space was a tight fit, but also knew it wouldn’t take him more than 10 minutes to pick up their order:

She didn’t try to talk to us. She just called the police. Why would people spend the time just trying to make our lives harder instead of talking it out like neighbors?

It’s part of a bigger problem that we as a community need to address.New people come in and change a neighborhood and it causes these kind of stressful situations. We don’t interact with each other they way we used to.

We’ve watching this city change. And we can’t let this keep happening to our community.

(Sources: Portland Mercury, Mattie Khan/Facebook)

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