White Woman Calls Black Men The N-Word, Goes Viral, Gets Fired

A cellphone video of a white woman shouting the N-word at two black men outside a Kansas City bar on Oct. 16 has gone viral.

One of the men, Drake Lewis, tweeted the video as @Weslyinfinity and added a caption:

So yesterday me and my homie Sam were out taking photos in the power and light district via KCMO when we overheard this lady say “these (expletive N-word)” when we walked by. I told her not to say that and then I started recording.

Lewis told the Kansas City Star about the incident:

It was really random. Me and my friend were just out taking photos and we were walking down the street talking about different stuff and we overheard the lady.

After being called the slurs, Lewis’ friend called the woman a “hick,” “cracker” and an “ugly (expletive).”

Lewis said his friend, who is Samoan-American, told him he has been called a “sand (N-word)” in the past and “gets it all the time.”

The woman’s employer, who asked to remain anonymous, confirmed that the woman had been fired because of the video.

(Sources: The Kansas City Star, Weslyinfinity/Twitter)

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