White Woman Calls 911 On Black Man Trying To Get Into His Own Car, He Is A Corrections Officer

A woman called the police on a black man, Corvontae Davis, for breaking into his own car in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Aug. 15 (raw video below).

Davis — a corrections officer for the state of Wisconsin — filmed the woman as he was getting change from his car for a parking meter:

I was getting ready to put money in a meter or whatever, and she has nothing else better to do and asked me if I was breaking into my car.

Davis told WISN that the woman said she was calling the police:

I hit unlock, but it wouldn’t open, so I went around to the other side and opened the door after hitting unlock. And by that time, I hear this lady shouting, screaming, “Dude, why are you breaking into that car? Whose car is that? Does it belong to you?”

Davis said he waited for police to arrive, and the cops verified the car was his, but the woman fled the scene:

Stereotyping, racial profiling. Maybe she thought the vehicle didn’t belong to me, but that’s why you ask questions. You don’t jump to conclusions.

Davis posted his video of the incident on Facebook after he was encouraged by family and friends:

I wasn’t going to. I don’t typically like to play the race card, they say, but in a matter of 24 hours it garnered more than 40,000 views, and it’s still climbing and hopefully these situations can be resolved.

(Sources: Corvontae Davis/Facebook, WISN)

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