White Woman Accuses Black Teens Of Sneaking Into Movie, Gets Arrested

A white woman was filmed berating a group of teen girls for allegedly sneaking into a movie theater with some help from their friends who had paid in Thomson, Georgia on April 20.

After the movie was over, an argument broke out between the Larry and Antonia Rader and the teens whom she called “monkeys,” notes WJBF:

Hush! Hush! You hush! You’re a bunch of monkeys. You’re going to end up on the streets doing drugs.

The Raders were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. But Larry said they were actually the ones physically hurt:

One of the larger, older teenage girls ran and knocked my wife over. Ran over her, pushed her down. And I bent over to try to protect her and as I was doing that, protect her from being kicked and all that, as I got up one of them, either the same or another one knocked me down.

(Source: WJBF)

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