White Trump Fans Deny Trump’s 3 Percent Approval Among Black Voters

“The Young Turks” correspondent Emma Vigeland recently interviewed some white Trump supporters outside a Trump rally in Mesa, Arizona, about Trump’s three percent approval rating among black voters.

The Trump supporters denied that Trump’s polling was so low, even though a Washington Post-ABC News poll in August proved it was:

Fake news! There’s a lot of people here, I’ve seen African-American people here! I don’t think that’s real.

Three percent? I don’t even want to talk to you. You’re a joke, you’re a serious joke!

Three percent? It’s more like 25 percent!

The Clinton News Network is what I think that is. I highly doubt it’s at three percent.

Three percent? I’m looking at Fox News all the time, it’s, like, 35 percent!

(Sources: Rebel HQ/YouTube, The Washington Post)

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