White Teen Girls Laugh As They Drop F-Bombs, N-Words

Five unidentified teen girls filmed themselves repeatedly saying “f*cking n*ggers!”  in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Weber School District spokesman Lane Findlay said there is an investigation into the video, which was originally posted Facebook.

School officials plan to talk to the Weber High students.

Findlay told Deseret News that the school district wants to know if the footage was recorded on school property or during the school day:

We’re still trying to figure out the origin of the video, what’s being said. Obviously it’s circulating on social media and you have people that are contacting us with concerns about it, and rightfully so.

Many people have called the video racist, while others claim a bizarre theory: the teens were challenged to say gibberish, and the video is only offensive when played backward.  

(Source: Deseret News, 7/Twitter)

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