White Teacher Drags Black Boy, 7, Off School Bus By His Legs

A white male teacher was filmed dragging a 7-year-old black boy off a Shelby County school bus in Memphis, Tennessee, on April 12 (raw video below).

The boy was pulled from the bus at Robert R. Church Elementary School.

(Note: The video was censored by YouTube)

The boy’s mother told WHBQ how she was made aware of the video (above):

Another parent of a child at the school contacted me Friday evening, and she said she had video of the teacher dragging my soon of the school bus. Her son recorded it.

Shelby County Schools said the teacher was breaking up a fight before the video started, but the boy’s mother said her son was not part of the fight.

The mom also claimed that Shelby County Schools didn’t notify her about the incident until days later, even though her son was seriously injured:

He had a concussion and his back was bruised.

Shelby County Schools said that “this employee has been removed from the school while the matter is being investigated.”

(Source: WHBQ)

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