White Teacher Accused Of Pulling Braids Out Of Black Girl’s Head Over Perfume

Parents and community leaders are outraged over allegations that a white teacher pushed an 11-year-old girl and pulled out some of her braids at Whitehorse Middle School in Madison, Wisconsin.

Pastor Marcus Allen, speaking on behalf of the girl’s family, recalled the incident to Yahoo Lifestyle:

I am told that the girl and her friend had sprayed perfume on themselves in the bathroom and the scent was bothering the teacher’s allergies.

The teacher asked who sprayed it and the class didn’t answer, so she asked [Mueller-Owens] to come in, and he targeted this one girl.

He stayed on top of her for 10 or 15 seconds. I don’t know how the girl’s braids were pulled out but she has two bald spots on her head.

The girl’s mother told Madison365.com that her daughter was “crying and her lip was cracked, bleeding and she handed me three of her braids that were pulled out from her scalp.”

The teacher was on leave while officials investigate the student’s claims.

“We’re demanding, we’re asking you to protect our kids,” said Sabrina Madison, founder of the Progress Center for Black Women, told educators during a meeting on Feb. 23 at the Boys & Girls Club of Dane County, notes WISC.

Multiple Madison teachers have reportedly been removed from schools from racial slurs.

(Sources: WISC, Yahoo Lifestyle, Madison365.com)

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