White Student Tears Down Black Lives Matter Poster Because He Felt It Was ‘Very Offensive’

Sixteen-year-old Mason Stewart has been suspended for tearing down a Black Lives Matter poster at Apex High School in North Carolina.

Mason told WTVD that the human rights poster was offensive:

The mural on the wall was up there for about three or four weeks, ’cause they’ve been working on it occasionally because it’s an art class, and right when I saw the gun go up, that’s when I complained and it’s still up here since Monday so I tore it down.

Mason claimed the Black Lives Matter poster attacked white cops:

It was very offensive and it’s pointing fingers to cops, and more likely white officers. And I have a lot of respect for officers because their job is not easy.

Twitter user JennaDavenpor15, who worked on the poster, tweeted a video of Mason tearing down the poster:

Other students told WTVD that they were outraged over the destruction of the mural by Mason.

The principal said on the Apex High School’s website that defacing school property is not tolerated.

(Sources: WTVDJennaDavenpor15/Twitter)

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