White Shopper Calls Police On Black Woman For Taking Parking Spot

A middle-aged white woman called the police on a black woman for taking a parking place outside a shopping center in San Diego on July 23.

Gabriela Marie filmed part of the confrontation with the white woman and posted it on Facebook with narration:

This lady is mad because I took her parking spot when she was over there and now she’s blocking this whole intersection right here because I am parked in a public parking spot… She’s calling the police because I’m parked in a public parking spot, that’s awesome.

The white woman reportedly she was waiting for the space because he mother was handicapped, but she refused to park in the available handicapped spots.

The white woman called Marie “crazy.”

Marie recalled the conclusion to the Daily Mail:

Meanwhile, she is blocking both an entrance and exit to the parking lot where vehicles had to go around and honked and even one lady got out to tell her to move and find another spot.

[The police officer] asked me what happened and I proceeded to let him know that I pulled into a parking spot and if I could go to work.

The motorcycle cop spoke with the lady and asked her to leave and the other cop said I could go.

(Sources: Gabriela Marie/Facebook, Daily Mail)

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