White Protester Mocks Black Female Cop at #ReopenNC Protest Against Coronavirus Safety Rules

An unidentified white man, not wearing a mask, mocked and taunted a black female police officer during a #ReopenNC protest against Gov. Roy Cooper’ coronavirus safety rules in Raleigh, North Carolina (MORE VIDEO BELOW):

Can you arrest me right now for standing here? That’s a simple question, the news is right here, right? Are y’all the news? Can you arrest me for standing on the sidewalk right now, and if so, articulate what law, which general statute says it?

What law am I violating by standing on the sidewalk? Take me to jail for not violating the law. Take me to jail...

No, they won’t answer because they know the truth will hurt their cause right now.

The same man was also filmed wearing a centurion helmet and yelling at a police helicopter:

(Sources: The News & Observer via Twitter, The News & Observer via Twitter)

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