White Portland Woman Goes On Racist Rant After Car Accident

A white Portland woman went on a racist rant after she was involved in a car accident with Portland State University honor student Bassel Hamieh on Aug. 21.

Hamieh is of Middle Eastern descent, but was born in Portland.

The woman denied hitting his car, claimed she didn’t believe he was in the country legally and became angry when he asked for her ID and insurance information, notes The Oregonian:

You don’t look like a Portland guy… Some of you are terrorists.

Hamieh said the woman sideswiped his car, and continued driving until he ran after her.

Hamieh wrote on Facebook that he felt he needed to speak up, and post a video of the incident:

Regardless of this, I will proceed with a kind heart and hope that one day all things will change. Though I felt defeated for an instance today, the support of my friends and family has reminded me of my worth as a citizen and a human being.

(Sources: The Oregonian, Bassel Hamieh/Facebook)

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