White Police Use Taser On Innocent Black Man 21 Times: ‘We Can Lock Up Whoever We Want’

Citizen Action of New York posted a video on Facebook of police officers reportedly using a Taser 21 times on an innocent black man, Fabian Marshall, in September 2015 in Kingston, New York.

According to Hudson Valley One, Officer Jeremy Arciello approached Marshall on the street, told him to step onto the sidewalk several times, accused him being in “an incident,” but refused to say what the “incident” was.

Once the two men get on the sidewalk, Marshall starts to walk away.

Arciello tells Marshall, who has not been charged with any crime, “You know what, I’m putting you in handcuffs.”

Arciello wrestles Marshall to the ground, and calls for backup.

The officers order Marshall roll over and put his hands behind his back, but Marshall says the police are holding his hands down.

Marshall’s aunt begs the officers to stop hitting him, but the cops start tasing Marshall, who yells in agony.

The cop repeatedly tell Marshall — while he is being electrocuted — to stop resisting.

After Marshall is assaulted with the Taser, he is taken into custody. 

A police officer picks up Marshall’s cell phone, which is recording, and boasts:  “We can lock up whoever we want.”

Another cop adds: “Take care of the phone. His phone. Yeah, quick.”

Marshall was recently found innocent of resisting arrest (for the non-existent charges), but found guilty of obstruction of governmental administration. Marshall will be sentenced in January 2018.

Citizen Action of the Hudson Valley has created an online petition to be presented to Kingston Mayor Steve Noble and the City Council:

Throughout these past few months, we have been approached by several people from the community about police brutality issues with Kingston Police Department.

Many of those people will not file a police complaint for fear of retaliation. One woman who called 911 for medical attention for her husband, and did file a complaint, we met with the Kingston Police Commission, and they determined that the police officers “didn’t violate any policies or procedures”. The Police Chief made excuses for verbal assault, broken bones, and tasing. We have a lot of work to do.

(Sources: Hudson Valley OneCitizen Action of the Hudson Valley/Facebook, Citizen Action of the Hudson Valley)

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