White Police Handcuff Black Teens For Jaywalking on Quiet Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Newly-released police body cam video shows white police officers handcuffing two black teens for jaywalking on a quiet street in Tulsa, Oklahoma on June 4 (MORE VIDEO BELOW).

One of the teens on the video is heard yelling, “I can’t breathe,” and a cop responds, “You’re fine.”

The police arrested one of the teens, and put him in a police car which turned into another physical confrontation.

CNN notes that “a black man across the street starts to question the officers’ treatment of the teenagers, when one officer can be heard telling him to get out of the street or be arrested as well.”

KTUL reports that the Tulsa Police Department Internal Affairs is investigating the incident.

A local resident, a white woman, said she rides her bike on the same street and was shocked by the police officer’s actions.

Lt. Marcus Harper, of the Tulsa Black Officers Coalition, also condemned the cops’ behavior.

(Sources: KJRH/YouTube, KTUL/YouTube, CNN)

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