White People Burn New England Patriots Jerseys After Players Oppose Police Brutality Against Blacks

About 100 white fans of the New England Patriots recently gathered in a residential yard in Boston, Massachusetts to burn the jerseys of the New England Patriots because some of the players openly protested police brutality against black people.

The Patriots, and every team in the NFL, locked arms in unity on Sept. 24. About 20 Patriots kneeled during the pre-game National Anthem to protest police violence against African-Americans, notes WBZ-TV.

The white Patriots fans waved Americans flags, sang the National Anthem and chanted “USA! USA!” as they burned their Patriots’ gear.

The protest was organized by Mark Shane who told WBZ-TV that he was “shocked” that the Patriots protested (police brutality) and said the team “always stayed above this kind of nonsense.”

Shane claimed that the burning was a “great success,” and added: “I think people were united, I think people love our country and I think it sends a great message to the NFL and any divisive type actions will not be tolerated during sports.”

Tennessee Titans tight end Delanie Walker recently announced on social media that he and his family have been targeted with death threats because he told fans not to attend games f they felt disrespected by NFL players’ protests, notes Fox News:

The racist and violent words directed at me and my son only serve as another reminder that our country remains divided and full of hateful rhetoric,” Walker wrote. ”These words of hate will only fuel me in my efforts to continue my work reaching out to different community groups, listening to opposing voices, and honoring the men and women in the Armed Forces who risk their lives every day so that we may have this dialogue.

(Sources: WBZ-TV, Fox News)

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