White Pastor Apologizes For Wife’s Rant Against Black Athletes Who Kneel

Pastor Ron Carpenter Jr. of Redemption church in Greenville, South Carolina  made a Facebook video on Sept. 26 to apologize for his wife Hope Carpenter’s Facebook postings. 

Hope attacked NFL players who peacefully kneeled during the  National Anthem (in protest against police brutality against African-Americans), notes WHNS:

This will not fix racism! Duh!!! Only Jesus! If you wanna kneel… then u [sic] better be praying to the one and only who can heal our land… stop thinking about it from your history or race… our country is not yo [sic] blame!

Ron said that the backlash against Hope’s comments has left her emotional, apparently too emotional to issue her own apology:

Even as her husband, it’s been very difficult to read some of the fierce comments. It’s been brutal.

Ron claimed that Hope’s post was not meant to be racially insensitive and he added that Hope was “probably has one of the best hearts” of anyone he has ever known.

Ron said that he and Hope come from military families and view the flag as sacred (which may be a violation of Biblical teaching of worshipping idols in Isaiah 42:8):

It’s been tough, the things that have been said about us… but maybe we deserved it. Maybe this is a learning moment for us. So I’m not going to tell you to be quiet. I’m going to tell you to teach me.

We ask you to forgive us if we’ve hurt you in any way. I ask you to teach me what I don’t know… I don’t want to be ignorant.

(Source: WHNS)

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