White Ohio Cops Turn Off Body Cam, Beat Helpless Black Man, Surveillance Camera Films Their Assault

A surveillance camera in the Cuyahoga County Jail in Ohio filmed two white officers beating a helpless, restrained black man after one of the cops turned off his body cam on March 22.

The victim, Terrance Debose, reportedly struggles with mental illness and addiction. The 47-year-old was in jail that night for alleged cocaine possession.

Cpl. Nicholas Evans was filmed by a surveillance camera turning off his police body cam and beating Debose who is helpless in a restraint chair, reports Cleveland.com.

After Evans assaulted the helpless black man six times, another white officer, Timothy Dugan, walked in and hit Dubose twice.

Cuyahoga County refused to release surveillance video of the racist violent beating for months.

Evans faces a felonious assault charge, while Dugan is charged with misdemeanor assault, and both are charged with violating Debose’s civil rights. Both officers have pleaded innocent despite the video evidence.

Adam Chaloupka, an attorney with the Ohio Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, tried to offer a defense of the sick beating:

While we can’t run from the video, the evidence provided to us during the course of our defense does not appear to show serious physical harm to sustain a felony conviction in this case.

Debose suffered a concussion from the beating.

(Source: Cleveland.com)

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