White Ohio Cop Slams Black Man To Pavement, Punches & Tases Him Over Beer

Body cam video has been released of a white police officer slamming a black man down on the pavement, punching him and using a Taser over alleged public beer drinking on July 16 in Columbus, Ohio (more video below). 

WSYX reports that Maurice Taylor was arrested and charged with having an open container, failing to disclose personal information, and resisting arrest.

The Columbus Division of Police posted the body cam video on YouTube even though YouTube does not allow police violenc videos to be posted by news organizations.

The Columbus Division of Police stated on YouTube: “As with any use of force, there is an internal review underway.”

Josiah Chapo filmed and posted a video (below) of the same incident on Facebook that shows the officer punching and tasing Taylor.

Chapo told WSYX: “Police rushed him, and pushed him down and got on top of him, that’s when I started recording, I knew it went too far.”

(Sources: Columbus Division of Police/YouTube, Josiah Chapo/Facebook, WSYX)

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